The workshop, a praise of “Made in France” excellence

L’atelier, Une Éloge D’excellence « Made In France » 7

In this article you will discover the different stages of the creation of Lambert Créations wedding dresses as well as the backstage of our sewing workshop.

From drawing to creating a wedding dress

L’atelier, Une Éloge D’excellence « Made In France » 3

As the first days of summer arrive, our stylists take back their pencils to put down on paper the inspirations that will animate the next season. The elongated silhouettes drawn with dexterity invite us to discover the delicacy and refinement which now characterize the Lambert Créations style so well. Drawing their inspiration from a vintage universe, the sketches combine the decisive subtlety of the details and the narrative dimension of the fabrics to imagine dresses of timeless elegance.

The sketches will come to life very quickly with the talent of Nadine, head of the workshop’s model-making department, who highlights each intention sketched on her canvases and patterns. It is his expert hands who realize each of them according to a very demanding technique initiated by the French haute couture houses: the cut by molding.

This clothing creation technique consists of working the model in 3 dimensions on a seamed bust in order to appreciate its volumes very concretely. The canvas thus obtained will serve as a basis for the pattern.

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Nadine must also anticipate all the technical aspects involved in the stylistic choices to streamline the making of the models ordered: she is supported in this mission by the prototypist assemblers.

It will take eight months to build a collection. At the rate of consultations, tests and validations, it will evolve until a harmonious balance is found.

A permanent and fascinating challenge.

Incredible serenity: this is what fascinates the most when you visit the Lambert Créations clothing workshop.

This is undoubtedly because here, we know all the emotion that lies in the choice of a wedding outfit. As if each of the twenty employees were solemnly involved in the realization of these unusual orders, of such precious character.

All will have ensured that the smallest detail corresponds to the wishes of the future bride.

Starting with Clément. He is the privileged interlocutor of partner stores, attentive to their specific requirements.

L’atelier, Une Éloge D’excellence « Made In France » 2 For each order, the basic pattern will be reviewed by him: he will correct the centimeters to be taken back for a neckline, or those to add for the length of a train, he will indicate a change of material for it, an addition sleeves for another, or even the necessary corrections to anticipate the arrival of a happy event … Then comes the delicate step of the cut.

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No organized assembly line work or mass production: each model is individually made by a dedicated seamstress. When one observes the expert hands of the garment mechanics, one becomes aware of the complexity and the demands of the high-end sewing professions.

Once the assembly at the machine is finished, come the finishes carried out by hand. Installation of buttons, lace inlay and other details require precision.

This symphony is played daily in our discreet workshop where poetry and high standards come together, thanks to the combination of all these talents.

Photo credit : François Lepage